What does life mastery consist of?

Before we talk about the structure, let’s define the main requirements for life skills. Every person wants his life skills to lead him to happiness, success, well-being, longevity. These generally accepted goals can be clarified and detailed. The life skills of a modern person should allow:

  • always be in demand as a specialist and professionally play new roles (professions), be able to create successful systems and change the world;

Based on such requirements, it is possible to divide life mastery into three components: applied mastery, mental mastery, and mastery of self-collectedness. This division of life mastery is just a model proposed by the IAIEMM, and there may be other models. In our model, we highlight different behaviors with attention. Such a functional division allows us to discuss separately what a particular person needs to develop in himself and with what help this development can be done. That’s what every part of life’s mastery is responsible for:

  • with the help of applied mastery, working products are created in the form of formal documents and systems. The level of applied mastery indicates professionalism in the possession of a specific applied method or practice. For example, the practice of accounting allows you to compile an accounting balance sheet, the practice of crawling creates a person who can swim, and the methods of road activity allow you to build a road;

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